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Is there a better choice???

Hi all.
I currently have an XTreme Signal 8 bay bow tie antenna mounted at I'd say about 30'.

Now, we live in the north end of Stratford, CT in a big "hole". To get to our area you need to come down large hills in just about all directions.

We get around 40ish channels depending on conditions. Many of them are things we don't watch. It'd be a homerun if we were able to get any CBS and FOX affiliates in our area. Actually, the local ABC affiliate (WTNH) pixelates quite badly at times also.

I've been thinking about getting rid of Optimum altogether and switching out the XTreme signal and putting up either an HD Stacker or one of Danny Hodges Ultimate antennas. Could anyone please let me know their thoughts on these antennas and if either would give me a better shot of getting the stations I mentioned?

Thank you for any insight you can offer!!
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