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Originally Posted by stephenson View Post
Have reviewed the line loss charts for 18 awg ... they don’t differentiate whether it is solid copper or copper clad steel ... any real difference or just marketing? (Steel a bit stiffer, but ...)
The attenuation loss is about the same for solid copper as it is for copper clad steel because the signals travel on the surface of the center conductor, which is called the "Skin Effect." The copper clad steel is stiffer which means that center conductor can migrate toward the shield in a tight radius bend and contact the shield, which is called "Cold Flow" of the plastic foam dielectric.

There usually isn't a need for the stiffer Quad shield coax, but if you have a long run up to a preamp at the antenna, the preamp voltage drop will be less with a solid copper center conductor and a Quad shield.

Btw - any difference in net signal between screw on a crimp on connectors?
Not that I'm aware of, but the screw on connector isn't reliable, the hex crimp is OK, but the compression connector is the most waterproof IF you use the correct size compression connector for the RG6 you have selected.
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