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Thanks for the details.
Antennas placed at the tear drop.
At this position UHF channel reception is fine.
Looks like the signal path is between two trees.
VHF RF 12 gradually degraded over the last 6 months.
Tree growth?
Could I use AM radio as a interference detector?
Yes, interference that is heard on the AM broadcast band is often strong enough to affect VHF-High TV reception. A battery operated portable can be used as a direction finder; its built-in loop antenna is directional. Tune to a clear spot at the low 550 end and then at the high 1600 end.

The last case I helped with was detected on an AM radio in a car as it drove in a road with the power line along side. The source of the interference was a battery charger affecting VHF-High. Other cases involved LED lights, and switchmode AC to DC power adapters for laptops.

Some of the sources of interference are constant; others time related.
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