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too soon to tell

they are working on it
Originally Posted by holl_ands View Post
Bear in mind that HVEC Codec is up to FOUR TIMES more Efficient than current MPEG2 Codec...hence a single ATSC 3.0 Transmitter could EASILY Broadcast ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and FOUR MORE HD Channels at the SAME long as they remained in their current 1080i or 720p format.....OR 3-4+ Networks when the major Networks eventually upgrade to "4K" UDTV resolution....which is probably still 2-4 years away...

Originally Posted by holl_ands View Post
ATSC 3.0's New HVEC Encoder is 3-4 times more Efficient than ATSC 1.0's MPEG2. Hence a 19.8 Mbps Data Stream could carry 3-4 times as many HD and SD programs with the SAME PQ (although ATSC 3.0 is capable of slightly higher Data Rate, let's assume the excess was allocated to OTHER Data Streams).
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