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Tv Antennas and Reception

Using a Outdoor antenna 'indoors' will receive better then a simple rods and loop indoor antenna. The outdoor antennas you have listed have a narrower beam width. The a simple rods and loop has a Very Wide beam width. Beam width is the angles off to the sides of the antenna that the signal will be received. Half power beam width of the left and right sides angles means that the antenna will be receiving half the power as in front of the antenna. And the more the angle becomes away from front center the less signal will be received. UHF antennas metal receiving elements are sized in length to receive UHF. UHF antennas will receive VHF , however at reduced reception. That ok if the VHF signals are strong however if the VHF signals are weak , a UHF antenna will not receive is not the correct antenna . In this transition time when the Tv stations are finding out what Real channel will be transmitting on , I like to recommend All channel antennas.

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