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GroundUrMast gives a really good explanation of the benefits of the HDHomeRun box with and without a separate antenna on each box. I have two of the new HDHR3 units -- one Dual and one Tech -- fed from one attic antenna thru a splitter. I bought the Tech model at reduced price from Adorama.

He also mentions "I like the signal quality metering that is provided with the utility software, it reports relative signal strength, signal quality and symbol quality. Not as good as a pro-grade ATSC signal analyzer but a step or two above any other consumer equipment signal indication."

I thought I'd point out that the Tech model has some really nice engineering-ish features. For example, even the simple display in the Config program shows more than just the "percentage" data. The Dual version is on the left, and the Tech version is on the right (Win7 version):


Note the signal strength is shown in dBmV -- for this station it's 23 dBmV, or more than 14000 microvolts. The Signal Quality of 31.1 dB is, I assume, a Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). Note, too, the "Plot" button at the right in the Tech version. It plots what they call a "constellation" although I think it's more a histogram than a classic ATSC constellation. On a cable signal the Tech version does plot a true QAM constellation.

The Tech Config User Manual shows many other screens with a wealth of info. It's a very useful unit especially if you like to get at many details of the signal. I run both of my HDHR boxes with eyeTV on a Mac, although I often use a Win7 laptop.

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