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It will not spoil reception , it means No preamps. With the 2 antenna set up and the antennas no less then 25 feet high above ground , the tv stations/channels , main digital channels and sub channels will be received in the green reception zone the yellow reception zone and down to at least KNBC 36 NBC in the red reception zone and possibly even down to XHDTV-DT 47 MyNetwork in the red reception zone.
Hmm, maybe I should wait until this is set up? If I do it before it, then I might be wasting time and money?

Also, I added more shots: (zoomed out 45 degrees aerial shot with house on the bottom right corner) (Google Earth's elevation shot of Mt. Wilson and home) (Street View of trees in front of the house facing Mt. Wilson's direction) (Street View of more trees on west side of the house)

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