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To Prove Reception.

Install a New matching transformer (balun) that connects the C290 antenna to the coax.

Install -->New continues length of coax<-- from the matching transformer to the Tv.

Run the -->New continues length of coax<-- through a window or door.

Having extra feet of one loooong coax is not that big of a deal.

Aiming the antenna through trees Is A Big Deal that , reflects , reduces , blocks , Digital Broadcast Tv Reception.

At some point in the proses of having Reliable and many Digital Broadcast Tv channels.

You must correct the outside coax and coax connections.

And any other bad coax and connections.

The Digital Broadcast Tv Reception is Weak Signal Strength at your location.

You have no choice , you must deal with the trees situation , the antenna must have a better shot at the Digital Broadcast Tv Transmitters.

The compression type coax fittings/connectors are the best to use when making up new lengths of coax.

Home Depot and Lowes has the IDEAL Brand of compression type connectors and fittings and IDEAL Brand tools.

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