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Yes, i bought a c290 from radioshack, put it up, 2 channels i feel ripped off!
I don't have any new coax, all my coax is at least 5 yrs old, maybe i should get new stuff. The dish coax is all inside except for the last 10 feet where goes into a covered junction box ( where antenna's hooked to).
Trees could be killing my reception, one of the trees it has to go through is a dense juniper tree.
I'll report later on the outcome of moving the antenna to my yard.
P.S I had to d a tacky-splice on my old coax with a crimp connector and electrical tape. Not sure if it's good enough for what i need, but i'll give it a shot.
P.P.S I know amps can't fix a signal, i just think i'll need a boost though my old coax line.
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