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Yes a antenna that is installed at a location that is clear of trees will improve reception.

At solidsignal.

The C490 is $82.99.

The HD7082P is $70.99.

The HD7084P antenna is $88.99.

The Winegard antennas are Heavy Duty Long Lasting Antennas.

If the connections are good , inline coax coupling reduces signal strength a small tiny amount. Less then 1 dB.

However , All outside coax is suspect of being bad. And all other coax is suspect of being bad.

Here are ways to seal coax and coax connections so that water and weather can not get in the coax or connections.

Mastic tapes. 1 inch wide X 10 feet long.

Scotch brand.

Type Scotch 2229-1 and Scotch 2228-1 in the google search box or amazon search box.

I am using Scotch 2228-1 rubber mastic tape for Many Years to seal the coax and connections.

Please note that coax seal and mastic tapes will not make bad coax and bad connections , good.

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