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Have I chosen right?

I'll just double check w/ u guys before sending my $$ down a hole.
Here's my channel report:
I'm looking at getting an Antennacraft Colorstar c290 from Radioshack, since all i want is NBC, CBS and PBS, any others are not needed but i can take them.
Going to use about 75ft of whatever coax Dish left in the house when i quit my subscription. I can't find any markings so I don't know what type it is. It's coax, right?
Antenna 25 ft off the ground on a metal pole attached to the side of the house.
In the future I might put a splitter at the antenna in to run another TV, as dish had me wired for two TV's.
I have the ability (power, cable, mountings etc.) to put in a pre-amp at the antenna to eliminate losses from cable & splitter, if i need to.
Does this sound right?
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