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You may not have your outdoor antenna testing equipment available anymore, rabbit73, but your indoor results here are AMAZING!

As I'm beginning to understand much better now, indoor antenna set ups are even more complex and perhaps mysterious than their outdoor counterparts. LOS is a bit more straight forward out of doors, or so it seems. But like you previously mentioned, not everybody can put up an outdoor antenna.

If you keep up grading that GE Indoor antenna of yours, you might want to seek a patent, make a ton of money and really retire in a manner you're unaccustomed too--LOL! But necessity is the mother of invention. I'm copying your attachments for possible future inventive use. Ha! Ha!

Thanks for remembering my request here, rabbit73! I appreciate your dedication to this forum. It has been extremely enlightening. BTW, I've been watching your other posts. I'm learning something new every day!
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