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My 2 cents... The OP has already stated, "We're only interested in picking up the signals from the channels at the 77 azimuth." so, the UHF only 91XG is the better choice. If I were in the same spot, I'd use an Antennacraft Y10713 (or a ganged pair: to go after real channels 11, 12 & 13.

The signal levels shown on this report may not call for extreme measures but do call for some additional effort.

Whether to rotate one or both antennas is up to the OP... it depends on what your tastes are and what you can really receive once the antenna is in the air.

I would plan on using a preamplifier on each antenna rather than combining into a single down lead to share a single amplifier. The Antennas Direct PA-18 would be my choice. The outputs of both preamps can be combined into a single lead to feed multiple sets.

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