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Bizarre problem

Hi all. I've posted before (a couple of years ago) about a reception problem I was having with all of the channel 13s (ABC).

As I recall, it never went dead but would lose audio and pixelate. I noticed that I could often fix it if I snugged the antenna terminal on the TV a bit. Ok, a problem with either the cable or TV terminal.

A year or so ago I replaced the cable. Now I'm having an intermittent problem again, with both (Vizio) TVs, with all of the 13s and 31s (FOX).

Here's the strange thing. On the living room TV, when ch.13 is acting up, and I go to the TV menu I get this: I can pull up the menu but I cannot navigate in it, it's like it's froze. The bedroom TV does not do this, so I have to assume it's something fishy with the LR TV itself.

I looked at the menu on the bedroom TV just now, which was not getting 13 any better than the LR TV. It showed the signal quality as "43." Not sure what that number actually means, but it's about in the middle of the range where all my signals are. Why would it be breaking up?

Am I having a sunspot or weather-related problem?

Fox is my weakest channel so it going out is not surprising, but this tends to make me think the 13 problem is weather/atmosphere related.

I never had any issue with 13, it always came in great even before digital.

PS: I hope all you peeps are staying healthy.
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