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Rabbit is tired of the trolling.

Originally Posted by OTAFAN View Post
How about a review of the new CM Balun by Rabbit73?

Since he reviewed their other long standing balun, the CM-94444, which has served most OTA enthusiasts very well for many years now and he has the right equipment to post an honest review, I would respectfully request his research.

The new CM balun is much more expensive than their other one, $30 compared to $5!

But so far, the reviews on CM site are excellent for their new balun. But is it worth $25 more?

Thanks in advance, rabbit73, if you take up this request!
Well, I hope rabbit does come here to comment but as you have noticed, he has been staying away.

I'm not going to speak for him but you remember his comments from a while back about the constant trolling here.

He's still very active. Just not here.

A couple of messages to the administrators here might get some action on the trolling , I'm sure that would bring him back.

Maybe if you're interested in testing the new CM balun you could have one drop shipped to him? Are they available on Amazon yet?

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