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I've seen this online recently, with no technical specifications provided. That triggers skepticism for me. So that leaves me with only speculation based on what I know of general antenna theory.

My speculation is that when both the fixed and adjustable panels are aimed at the same point on the horizon, one should expect performance roughly similar to that of the DB8, CM4228, HD8800 or U8000.

If the adjustable panel is not aimed at the same point, I would expect the antenna to perform like two separate 4-bay antennas, combined into a common down lead. The usual performance of such an arrangement is quite unpredictable (unsatisfactory to one degree or another), given the effects of external sources of multipath. A few people get lucky with a combination of two antennas, however it's only by chance unless there has been complex engineering implemented with the aid of professional quality test and measurement tools. A project well beyond the skill level of any but the best in the broadcast antenna engineering field.

My gut tells me that this is just another gimmick antenna.
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