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First, as the original poster, let me thank everyone for the feedback. Second, sometimes I don't listen! The reason I asked about a bowtie antenna in the attic was because I acquired one from a friend who moved away (never installed it). Although the posts above did not seem positive, it wasn't going to cost me anything additional to try it before investing in the costlier options suggested. So I strung up the bowtie at the peak of my attic, which is about 25-30 ft above ground. My house faces ~165 degrees magnetic, so hanging it between the rafters didn't require any additional aiming.

My results are excellent. For almost 2 weeks now, I receive all the green channels. All the UHF channels have 90-100% signal strength on my TV, except channel 50 (152 magnetic), which shows 75%, and channel 62 (334 magnetic) which shows 85% coming from the back. I'm not sure why 50 is lower than the rest, I would think 62 would be the lowest.

As far as VHF, I receive 7 and 9, at 80% and 75%, respectively. I am particularly happy about this because these channels are ABC and CBS.

I don't see any picture breakup or pixelation on any channels. For now, I am happy. We'll see if anything changes seasonally or over time. In my case, it seems that the forum recommendations were very conservative and I'm glad I tried something small (and cheap). In the future I may add a splitter and another TV or tuner card, and see how things go. I may need a preamp for that, which isn't so bad.
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