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HI 223fan,

I took the liberty of creating a tv fool plot based on your zip code. It is not specific, but gives us the roughest outline of what may be possible for you.

This is what I came up with:

You will notice you have VHF and UHF stations. VHF is in two bands, low (real channels 2-6) and high (real channels 7-13) in addition to UHF (real channels 14 and up). This requires an all band antenna.

That leaves your solid Solid Signal HDB91x as being the wrong antenna for your application. It is a UHF design that is highly direction. You need an all band antenna.

As such, until you post your TVfool plot to your specific address, I might be inclined to suggest a "big gun" all band antenna in the Antennacraft HD1850.

Orientated to magnetic 163, I might think I'll see PBS, CBS, FOX and possibly ION when coupled with the channel master 7777.

This is all just preliminary, until you provide specific location data.
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