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Antenna Update

Given that these things went on a weekend sale a few months ago, I picked one up just for the sake of trying it out.

You can understand my need for such a setup given my TV Fool report; I have a beamwidth requirement of at least 88 degrees, to pull in Buffalo & Toronto something that a 8 bay would natively not be able to cover with it's narrower beamwidth.

The actual setup of the antenna is attached; I used the "max coverage" setup, however, when I first hooked up the antenna I had literally no reception. Reason? the cheap coax that they include to tie into the combiner was shorted out with a crimp that was far too overdone. And this was on both patch cables.
Replacing them with equal lengths, the TV lit up and reception began. I have this tied into an AntennaCraft 10G201 out of the combiner, 25 feet AGL, one panel facing Buffalo, the other towards Toronto.

Reception has been good, but I do have multipath problems with CHCH Hamilton - does not worry me though as I don't watch that channel anyways.

The mounting hardware has rusted, it's made from sub-par material. I've coated it with a thin layer of grease that seems to do the trick. Rochester (Ion) has been pretty steady as well, except in bad weather. In all, I'm pretty happy, especially with WGRZ having such a bad noise figure for my area - that was the one I was really hoping for and it's been consistently good.
My 2 cents. Your mileage may vary.
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