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Antennas Direct are no help. and if you do see new channels low band vhf is what you
Will see.And then big antennas are gon for ever.becuse channel master and antnnas Direct told me that they are not going too make a hi&low vhf ANTENNA.what a shame
Becuse Antnnas Direct making one he'll of a uhf antenna as we know is the 91xg.
That I have 2of stack sides by side 80ft hi and get channel's 80miles away. with no
dropouts day or night.
Too all you discrimination jellies people like bobG,
ADTeck!!lier number,1and 2nd,Ribbit ears trip satellite Guy.
He lies so much I bet he doesn't have a wife,either,
And know IT'S time to put you all in your place!!!

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