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Trouble getting a couple of Stations

Hi. I'm new here. Here is my signal analysis:

I recently cancelled U-verse TV in favor of OTA to save money. I purchased a Clearstream 2 antenna and installed it on the eaves of my back porch, which faces SSE. I'm getting all of the channels in the blue range except KCIN and K14LM. However, my main concern is with KSAT and KLRN. I basically get those, but they cut in and out a lot with a lot of pixillation. Whereas most of the stations show about 90%-100% on the tv signal meter. Those are typically showing about 60%-70%. My first thought was that the antenna needed to be higher, but then it occurred to me that the CS2 is a UHF antenna and thus might be having trouble picking up the VHF. What is the solution? A new antenna? A second VHF antenna? Also I have the antenna split between three tuners. I purchase a distribution amplifier. Is this necessary or would a splitter work ok in my case? Any help would be appreciated.
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