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Originally Posted by TheFu View Post
Thanks, but it seems you missed the most important part:
No I didn't, you missed the important part.
Unfortunately, the tvfool DB doesn't have the updated RF frequencies at this point. I made a list, if it would help to update them, let me know how.
First of all, the TVFool staff is very small; they are not able to make corrections to the database, especially with the many changes from Repack by the FCC. I'm sure they appreciate your offer, but they are not able to act on it.

I gave you a source for a more accurate list of channels. The site is run by Trip in VA who also works for the FCC. Can you think of a more accurate list?

Atlanta Repack plan:

NBC which is Hi-VHF also added a UHF signal using virtual channel 11.11.
That's a WATL subchannel:

Anyway, corrections to the database belong on the corrections thread, not on a reception thread:

Why don't you post your list on the corrections thread. Some people in your area might find it helpful.
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