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Well, thanks for all the help on this thread folks!
Unfortunately, I didn't get very good news this weekend. I first assembled my CM-3020 (Advantage 100) in my second story bedroom and pointed out the window towards the Mt. Wilson towers that broadcast LA signals. I hooked it up to a small TV I've got and got ZERO channels. That was quite depressing. I then disassembled it and reassembled it outside, mounted it to a 10' mast and held it on to of an 8' ladder. That was a funny looking scene, I'm sure. I tried pointing it in various Eastward directions and was able to tune from 12 to 25 digital channel this way, but they were very very poor reception, and mostly black or solid pictures. I did get a soccer game and Telemundo or something else I wasn't interested in, after being on the ladder for about 45 minutes we called it. I know that things would improve with additional height, but I was aiming towards a fairly clear/unobstructed view of the mountain ranges between myself and the tower. But after seeing the size of this advantage 100 (I knew it was big, but WOW), knowing it was going to be another 5' to 10' above the chimney, the wife politely said "enough". So, I'm having to admit defeat here guys. Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate your inputs. It's really a shame my location is so challenging, because I was ready to cut the just wasn't in the cards this time. Good luck to others who read this thread with similar aspirations, I sure hope you have better results than me!
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