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Distance Between Antennas

Not only is it running low power, but it has a very directional antenna that sends only 0.366 kW out of 3 kW ERP in your direction, That is 366 Watts out of 3,000 Watts:
If my memory serves me right, I believe KFLA-LD Channel 8's very directional antenna is what the owner was referring to when I contacted him several years ago by email. But he did say the FCC did not want any interference with border stations??? Again, memories are not often the best evidence in a court of law, but I would stand by my recollection today.

The main reason I was trying to receive KFLA-LD initially was they used to air RETRO TV. Now, that RETRO has moved to KWHY 22 (real channel 4) and will air June 15 according to their Facebook page, I replaced my other RCA 751 with my two new antenna's capable of receiving low VHF. KFLA-LD's line up is not a priority for me presently, especially since they continue to be low powered. I can watch Channel 8 most of the time when needed, but hopefully they will update their power with the FCC sometime in the future.

Anyway, if you're ever out here in SOCAL LA/OC rabbit, let me know and you can help an Old School Guy put a bigger antenna that will rival the best here on the West Coast! LOL!
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