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Distance Between Antennas

I crop and resize using a photo editor or Paint.
Thanks for the tip, rabbit73! Next time I post a pic I think I'll get it right because of your kind help, once again. But at least folks can see what my set up looks like now.

My wild guess is that the Winegard 7000 doesn't have enough gain for 8. Adding more amplification doesn't compensate for a poor quality signal coming out of the antenna terminals. The signal will be stronger, but not better quality (SNR and errors); GIGO.
And thank you ZippyTheChicken for your input on my antenna set up. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences with my issues. I will keep them in mind going forward if any interference between my antenna's develops.

I seriously considered your recommendation before deciding on my current set up. But I wanted to keep it very simple and both TVs distinct from each other, IF the antenna's did NOT interfere with each other. And as I mentioned above, so far they have not. Other considerations were possible future problems with amplifiers and I wanted to monitor signal strengths on each TV for reference in my learning process of what I call this "great hobby," and of course good, free entertainment of various sorts.

I think rabbit73 hit it on the nail in above quote, though. Before I put up my Winegard 7000, I pointed my RCA 3037 a bit left and right of the recommended 346 degree magnitude for optimal reception at my location 35 miles south of Mt. Wilson. I found that when I pointed it towards LA proper, I could increase the signal strength on my living room 40" Samsung to around 19dB SNR from the current 16-17dB SNR. But I lost a few dBs from MeTV KAZA 54-1 (virtual) real channel 22. And since I watch a lot more of MeTV than channel 8's lineup, I deferred to approximately 346 magnitude. Also, it's common knowledge here in SOCAL LA/OC that channel 8 is a weak and "choppy" station, although there are a few viewers who seem to get fairly good reception. I spoke with the owner of channel 8 several years ago by email about said issues, and he said he was "hemmed in" by the FCC with low power so as not to interfere with border stations. I have little knowledge about what it takes to run a TV station, but my take on it was that it probably came down to economics and a business decision. After all, he is the owner. But for us viewers in TV Land, channel 8 viewing is problematic.

Well, that is probably more than you wanted to know about the background of my current antenna set up. But I really enjoy free TV and what has turned out to be a great hobby for me. I've learned so much from this forum thanks to people like you and rabbit73 and too many others to mention (apologies to everyone)!
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