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Originally Posted by OTAFAN View Post
.....The Winegard 7000 feeds 75' rg6 cable to my second Samsung 32" TV. Across UHF it matches or beats by a dB or two my main Living Room 40" Samsung TV (2013), which is fed by 90' of rg6 cable. But on VHF the 40" has the edge and can "see" real channel 8, just over the "digital cliff," 16-17dB SNR. The Winegard does not pick up channel 8 at all. So, the RCA probably has more gain given its larger boom, especially for weak channels like 8.
Originally Posted by ZippyTheChicken View Post
.....but why didn't you just use a splitter or a distribution amplifier?
weak signal might not be good with a splitter to feed 2 tvs but you could use a distribution amp .. even an 8 port that is very weak would just pass signal without much power boost if your signals are very high on some stations.. a 4 port could actually give you a decent boost in strength to get channels that are marginal.
Using a splitter or a distribution amp and a splitter might be a good simple solution, but I would want to see a TVFool report and know the exact address and exact coordinates of the antenna (by PM for security) before making a recommendation about improving the reception of channel 8.

My wild guess is that the Winegard 7000 doesn't have enough gain for 8. Adding more amplification doesn't compensate for a poor quality signal coming out of the antenna terminals. The signal will be stronger, but not better quality (SNR and errors); GIGO.
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