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The situation for you in White Hiuse TN is very different than Ohio. You have stations on VHF low, VHF high, and UHF; all of which arrive in roughly the same direction. The Channel Master antenna that you considered in 2016 was a good choice. If you want to add another channel, let’s consider WBKO on channel 13 aimed NNE. Let’s say you bought a Stellar Labs VHF only antenna to add to your all channel antenna. If you tried to add it to your all channel antenna using a backwards splitter I’d expect it to interfere with some of your existing reception, especially WSMV on channel 10.

JoeAZ’s suggestion of an external tuner is good for one TV set. If you want more than one you can try a few tricks to add the two antennas together. A simple solution is to find a used Channel Master Jointenna tuned to channel 13. An expensive solution is to get Tinlee to make a special combiner.

If you are interested I can describe a way to combine the two antennas using a preamp, a UVSJ, a type F tee connector, a 2 way splitter, and a shorted piece of RG6 exactly 101” long. Hint: 101” is 8 quarter wavelengths on channel 10 and 9 quarter wavelengths on channel 13.
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