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Originally Posted by BobHaskett View Post
OK, I tried the ANT751R. I was able to get PBS, however, my FOX signal dropped and was very unreliable. What was weird was it gave me PBS, increased my ABC, NBC, and CBS strength a bit, but reduced FOX quite a bit.

Are there any other "compact" style antennas I could try that would give me the UHF reception of the Clearstream 2v but the VHF reception of the ANT751R?
I just installed a DB4e from Antennas Direct in the attic at my mom's house, I was trying to pick up stations 40 miles away and in the same general direction. Not thinking I would pull in much, if anything especially in an attic, I managed 38 stations! I used a pre-amp but even without it I had many stations coming in......... the pre-amp helped with signal strength with the stations I was getting.

VHF was a little difficult since the DB4e is a UHF antenna. I simply made a horizontal dipole using two telescoping rabbit ears and picked up Channels 6 and 12.

Check out the DB4e, it was perfectly sized too for my moms cramped attic.

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