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Originally Posted by slowhike View Post
Another issue that I haven't mentioned is large oak trees on both sides of my house.
My property is not far from the highest in my community, so that should help, but the trees are nice & thick with leaves in the summer & quite a bit higher than my roof peak.

I have been looking at the links from GroundUrMast. It seams there is quite a range of prices for the fixed antennas, from 21.89 to 89.99. I realize prices will vary as I shop around. But although cash is a little tight right now, I don't want to scrimp on this project.
If I try a fixed antenna & later decide I want to try a multidirection w/ preamp & rotor, I'm thinking that it was said earlier that I could still use the fixed in conjunction with a rotating, multidirection.
But maybe I'll be satisfied with a good fixed antenna (or two).

I have thought about the more complex alternative GroundUrMast talked about, but when I read the post he linked
I start thinking I might get into more hassle than I know how to deal with

If I were going to go with the more complex system, I would like to try to buy most if not all of the components from the same place, so I could take advantage of a 6 months/no interest deal & pay it off in steps. I can get most of the listed items from Winegard except the rotor. What are your opinions of the rotors offered by Winegard?

Thanks for the local info on directions Scott. Very helpful.
I'm thinking from this that maybe two (or even three?) fixed direction antennas might do the trick. Only concern is that all three directions you mentioned will be pointing through the large oaks & I'm not sure how much that is going to interfere.
Have you told elsewhere here about the stations you pick up Scott?
I live in the 27104 zip code (west side of Winston). Here is my tvfool report:

I receive all of the stations in green and yellow without using my rotator. The stations in pink (on my report) are a bit sketchy, some of which I have never seen regardless of the direction of my antenna.

I thought I'd share my tvfool report with you since you are located in my general area; and you asked about my channels. But obviously you will want to keep in mind that it is very specific to each location. For example, there are some viewers in Winston-Salem that would have a difficult time accessing the Charlotte locals. And as you get farther away from any towers (in any direction), your specific location generally becomes more important.

As far as antenna selections and accessories, there's really not a 'one size fits all' for everyone. But having said that, it is my personal opinion that your time and effort in getting your setup running is worth far more than the cost of any particular antenna. So I would encourage you to get the best to accomplish your particular objective.

For example, do you want to ensure reliable access to the (out of market) Charlotte locals in addition to the ones in the Triad? If so, that should be taken into consideration when factoring in the choices you make to include the size and type of antenna you purchase. On the other hand, if you don't have much interest in the Charlotte locals, I believe you can go with a more simple solution. As far as those oak trees, it is my belief that it's difficult for anyone to speculate (on what level) they may impact the signals. But the fact that your house is well elevated is certainly a big plus; and it is reflected on your tvfool report.

GroundUrMast has a wealth of knowledge about antennas and electronics. And the links he has provided you can be used for your consideration. He is just trying to give you some options to consider.

Also, see the PM I sent to you.

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