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Re: Tv Reception with Tv antennas

Due to the fact that your location has digital tv transmitters all around the compass. No one or even two directional type antennas such as , U4000 , DB-4 , DB-4e , CS4 , CM-4221 , HD4400 , ANT751 and other directional antennas will receive the stations all around the compass. Directional antennas are in fact directional , less signal is received at the back of the antenna and even less is received at the sides of a directional antenna , the front of a directional antenna is where most of the signal is received. . . The digital tv transmissions in the green and yellow zones are plenty strong enough to be received buy the CM3000A in All Directions. The other digital tv transmitters in the red/pink zone and on down have , adjacent channel and co channel interference and will not be easy to receive with any antenna. Install a CM3000A antenna.

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