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I just want to let you know that I am looking into what you are telling me & checking the links you provide.
And I do appreciate you taking the time to give me this info.

I'm not into sports, mainly sitcoms, action movies, crime dramas & a little news & weather.
I like some wood working, garden/landscaping & a few other things at times.
With the antenna, I'll probably just have to get what's offered on PBS for those, but that's OK.

The simple antenna set up might just do the trick, but since it's nice to have more options to pick from when I do turn on the TV, I'm still thinking that I may need to be able to both reach further.
Also, it seams that I have stations coming from all directions (even the closer ones), so I'm still wondering if the investment of the bigger antenna, rotor & amplifier might be worth while.
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