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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
Would a fixed aim 'local' antenna and a rotatable 'all the rest' antenna make sense to you?

How many and what type of TV(s) and tuners do you have?
I would have to guess "fixed aim" to be the same as directional, & "local" maybe referring to picking up closer TV stations maybe?
And when you say "rotatable 'all the rest' antenna", I would guess you are talking about a 2nd antenna that picks up the channels coming from the farther stations.
You mention the 2nd antenna being rotatable. Would it be on a separate mast or on the same mast?

You can see that in my area, I'm surrounded by towns at about 10-20 miles away, so I think my local channels would be coming from all directions. So wouldn't the antenna picking up closer channels need to rotate as well?
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