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North East, MD (Cecil County) looking for installer

North East, MD (Cecil County) looking for installer who knows his stuff and has installed TV antenna's. Here is my information:

If you are the person, give me contact info. I am about 50 miles from Philly or Baltimore and about 10 miles or so from Harford County. Bel Air, MD is about 25 miles from me and Delaware is about 15 miles. I am also close to PA. NJ is not too far if you don't mind coming across the Delaware Memorial Bridge and through DE.

The antenna would have to pick up Baltimore or Philly stations. Must be able to get all the local channels along with Fox Network (WBFF) so my wife can watch So You Think You Can Dance. Want to cut the cable or in my case Directv. I have Roku up and running so very happy except for the local channels.

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