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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
I'm pretty sure you are referring to the HD-9032. (I transpose s'# too.)

If you're game to try your hand at stacking, it's certainly not a far fetched idea.

In practice, don't expect more than 2 dB net gain if you get everything perfect. Before going to all that fuss, I'd try one 9032 just to see if it's fine by itself. ('Keep it simple' if you can.)
That makes sense, I was of course trying to research this on my own as well. I was already planning on trying one antenna first since it seems as you mentioned stacking requires getting everything perfect to get 3 dB at most, I understand that's "ideal" with a Yagi. I also wanted to pose another question since you responded. I'm using that AntennaCraft Y10713 and I do love it, but I'm seeing one "problem". In order to get all KPAX-DT, KECI-TV I need to point at about 185 degree's, I assume this is do to reflection off the mountain I'm pointed at. Now I'm also getting KUFM-TV but the signal is weaker about 37-40 while the others are in the 60's, now if I raise the antenna KUFM-TV jumps to as high as 70 but then KPAX-DT and KECI-TV drop out. Now I'm planning on trying to locate the Antenna to different area's in the hopes it might help, but it's MT and the weather may not allow me to do much before spring, so other then hunting for a better location is there any other option for this? I'll repeat the signals change only by changing height not direction in it's current location. Other then that well let's just say that antenna is my new best friend. :
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