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Hi Dagwood! Hope you are enjoying your nice summer weather!
My experience tells me that reception will depend mostly on the
trees nearest to the home. I think the reports from TV fool and
Rabbitears are erroneous. In order of reception likelyhood:
1. WPXJ Batavia due to antenna height/distance
2/3 WHEC/WHAM due to hi VHF penetration
3-5 WROC, WUHF and WXXI due to proximity.
The rest:
WKBW/WGRZ due to elevation of transmitter site
Syracuse stations due to less dense trees in that
A large VHF/UHF antenna up as high as possible
will yield the best results. Possibly a VHF antenna
aimed at WHEC/WHAM and a UHF antenna aimed
Finally, Have you gotten WROC, WXXI and WUHF
more reliably????
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