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Retro TV Returns to SOCAL

More urgent pleas from fans, Richard Summers & Gary Fink on Retro TVs Facebook page. Perhaps a PC work around? Or rather, a Hail Mary???

Richard Summers Retro Television We need you on the air in LA (or on Spectrum)! Yes, I know I can watch on my computer on but I have not found a way to make the picture full screen. They have a program guide in the bottom third of the computer screen, and the top part shows the picture in only about a third of that area. So I would rather watch it on my 19 inch or 32 inch TV's (like I was able to do before February 2019 when it was taken off KBEH 63.3). [KBEH 63-3 display, 4 physical--Ed.]

Gary Fink I agree also there's a time zone difference you can't view the program in time zone it's being aired on the antenna of you area. It doesn't have a time zone setting like PST, MST CST, EST so you can set it to your time zone.

Or, perhaps fan Jeff Cooper is on to something???

Jeff Cooper You can make it full screen the icon is on the bottom right.
No doubt they want to be in all the markets that the can, (The deal with the other station fell through, which is why most Networks don't mention any future deal until it's all worked out)

If I had to guess, it has to do with the fact that most Networks prefer a Ad Revenue sharing deal with the Network getting 7 minutes (Per Hour) and the local station having 5 minutes to buy Commercials.

But more stations especially Low Power ones are wanting to lease the sub-channel for a monthly cost.

Here is what happens lets say it they charge 1,000 dollars a month (I have no clue what it really is) and Retro only takes in 500 dollars in Ad Revenue. so they lose 500 dollars each month instead of making money. X that by 5 different affiliates, and you are looking at a big loss.

That takes away from having money to purchase new series , which leads to more stations dropping them.

So they stop paying and get booted. That's not a good thing of course, but they do save that money to hopefully buy some more series.

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