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Originally Posted by Spencer View Post
Are there any high gain antenna's that will only get VHF-HI 7-12 and UHF 13-36 that aren't huge?
VHF-High real channels are 7-13
UHF real channels for reduced band are 14-36

High gain antennas must be bigger for increased gain.

The next step up from the RCA ANT751 for VHF-High and UHF is the Winegard HD7694P.

I suggest you go with GroundUrMast's idea:
Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post

Given that you already have the RCA ANT5751R which includes reception capability for real channels 7 through 51 you could opt to combine it with a large UHF only such as those already mentioned. A UVSJ (UHF/VHF combiner) and coax cables are all that would be needed to accomplish that.
Aim the 751 at WBKB and a high gain UHF antenna at WDCQ and WNEM.

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