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Originally Posted by corvairbob View Post
in the tv signal section on this forum i entered 30 high on the roof and 40442 for zip.

the antennas are the ones ebay has listed i have not clue to the kind they are but the numbers if entered in ebay should ring them up.

351104130498 High Quality & Gain Outdoor UHF DTV DVB-T DTT Antenna they say uhf only.

the other one
351133015152 HDTV-1080P-Outdoor-Amplified-Antenna-HD-TV-360-150-Miles.

this is one if it works

this is the other.
Still no links showing. Only question marks.

Are you open to buying a real outdoor antenna and then mounting it on a rotor on the roof? If so, you can get most of the channels down to the red level in your report.
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