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Distance Between Antennas

OK, after reading everyone's post above again and further written research along with advise from some of my radio Buds locally, I climbed back on my roof Memorial Weekend and put up a Winegard HD7000R below my existing RCA ANT3037X(R). (jrgagne99 posted he also was climbing up on his neighbors borrowed 60' lift to adjust his antenna in the tree(s) Memorial Weekend as well. I'll be interested to see how he came out too).

It seems that when it comes to receiving antennas, distance between them is not as critical as with transmitting ones. That opinion was prominent in all the literature I read. So, after some experimenting and scanning my TV for signal strength and checking for interference on my other TV, I finally found that even 1ft below my RCA 3037 gave me optimal performance. And my Winegard 7000 is about 19 feet in the air above area rooftops and foliage. To repeat, no interference between my two TVs has been viewed! (If I'm missing something, you good Techs here tell me what I need to look out for going forward, please. Thanks!)

I have tried repeatedly to attach a photo to this post so you could see how my set up now looks, but to no avail. No matter what I do, my photo lays on its side at about a 240 degree angle. I've tried flipping the photo every which way but loose, but no luck. I've had some minor issues lately posting on TV Fool, so maybe the site is having some technical issues. If this issue resolves itself, I'll post the pic. (If anyone has advise here, please chime in, thanks!)

In the meantime, try to imagine a Winegard 7000 tucked 1ft neatly below and in parallel with its bigger brother the RCA 3037. So far, my project has exceeded my expectations.

Thanks to all you good folks here at TV Fool for your help!

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