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Originally Posted by Johnsonbrits View Post
I've seen the Winegard video regarding a possible failed antenna combiner cartridge. In fact, the method recommended by Rabbit73 to test whether the cartridge is faulty or not by removing the cartridge and connecting a 300 ohm to 75 ohm impedance transformer directly to the VHF antenna rails is the primary reason why I question the approx 2 ohm reading I get across the VHF rails with my multimeter.
Did you actually try to receive 3 and 7 with the balun attached to the VHF wires?

If you did, and 7 was better than 3, you can try a channel 3 folded dipole as an antenna for 3.

If you still can't receive 3, either they are running at reduced power or you have a high noise level on VHF-Low from electrical interference. I use a portable radio tuned to a vacant channel on the AM broadcast band, first the low end then the high end, to hunt for noise sources.

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