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Originally Posted by kb4 View Post
yes, I would donate. A better solution, though it seems unlikely would be for the owner to sell the site or form nonprofit etc or at least appoint moderators to be able to keep things on point and civil.

I guess since its not moderated perhaps a category in another forum such as AV forum etc. could be formed to do exactly same thing this does and just check the new posts here and refer them there. Buy surely someone is making money from the advertisements on this site.
I would also donate. It's the least I could do for all the help that he's given me. How would you do it? A GoFundMe account?

Hopefully we can stick with the purpose of this post but speaking of posts that have been derailed, I sent a letter yesterday to admin and my thread has been cleaned up substantially by admin. So there is actually somebody there who can moderate. I think they don't get a chance to read every thread so they have to be notified when a thread is being trolled. Hopefully the perpetrator has learned a lesson.

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