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You linked to an amplified antenna. On your TV fool plot the top stationís Pwr is highlighted to warn you it is very strong. An amplified antenna with the signal KNIC is giving you is probably overloading the amp and making noise. You probably need to try an unamplified antenna.

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The obvious step is to put up an outdoor antenna, above the peak of the roof. You have the legal right to do that, even if you are a renter.


Careful with what you say the antenna rule protects. The antenna rule does not say a land lord must let you put up an antenna on the roof. It has limitations that protect the rights of the land lord. Specifically if the land lord did not want a tenant drilling holes, then a roof install could be prohibited. A non-penetrating roof mount could probably be used, but then there may be debate if the roof is an exclusive use area. If the roof is an exclusive use area and a non-penetrating roof mount was used then there could be a massive liability concern if the weights in the non-penetrating roof mount either damaged the structure or hurt someone. The FCC Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule is important, but in the case of renters without knowing all the details about their lease, the structure they are in, and other pertinent factors, advice on it needs to be cautiously given. Anyone who wants to put up an antenna on a rented structure should discuss options with their landlord first, if needed consult with a lawyer, once all that is in place then buy the equipment and do the install.
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