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Certainly the height in the building will matter, all other effects being equal. But there are lots of unknowns with indoor antennas - mostly because the building materials shield the antenna from radio waves, depending on what materials were used, where you are in the building, proximity to sources of interference, etc.

The obvious step is to put up an outdoor antenna, above the peak of the roof. You have the legal right to do that, even if you are a renter.

It's clear that the report at the previous location is much more favorable. Looks like your current location is shielded by the terrain much more. For example KENS was LOS (line of sight) ot your old location, and is now obstructed by the terrain (1-edge diffraction). Lots of the stations exhibit that kind of change. Click on the call sign of each channel to see a prfile of your location wrt the transmitter location.

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