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Fairfax, Virginia - Need Antenna Recommendation

Thank you for this wonderful resource.

Our TVFool Report:

We are renting a townhouse and moved in in April. To keep costs down we have only high speed internet and no cable tv. A little antenna with rabbit ears and a round thing gets only a couple of stations (NBC, FOX, ION and a couple others part time).

We'd like free OTA television (we're tired of Netflix).

There are cable wires in the attic that we can use for an antenna (feeding a tv in the living room and the bedroom). We'd need to add a splitter in the attic and remove the one at the back of the house, but we can do that pretty easily.

Can you please recommend an antenna that can get all the major networks plus WMPT, Real Channel 42 (22.1)?

If that's not possible we could ask the landlord for permission to have an installer put an antenna on the roof. What would you recommend in that case?

Please make both recommendations since I'm not sure he will permit a roof antenna.

Thank you very much.
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