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Presumed FM interference
Great forum!! Thanks to all that offer their expertise.
Current setup is a Winegard 7084p rooftop with 10' pole with 25 foot of RG6 into attic to a AP 8275 with FM trap on, done about 8 years ago. I have always had trouble with real channel 7 pixelating presumably from a strong FM station about a half mile away. Two years ago, I placed Radio Shack FM trap in line prior to preamp and the channel is watchable with minor pixilation. However, WEHT pixelates mildly since then presumably from the extra NM introduced by the FM trap. Surprisingly, channels 15 and 20 are rock solid but no channel 47. There is only 25 more feet of coax to one TV from the preamp. I have not tried adjusting the variable trap. I have tried the RCA preamp and a Kitz tech amp with no change in results. I have at my disposal a CM 4221HD and an HBU33.
Questions: Can I trim the VHF elements on the 7084 to the length of the VHF elements as on the HBU 33 and effectively make a 7698 out of it and reduce some of the FM interference that way? If so, what is the best way to trim an element?
Should I try either or both of the other two antennas with the Winegard or RCA preamp with FM traps and hopefully eliminate the Radio Shack component? Would I likely lose channels 15 and 20?
Appreciate all your input! Thanks!!
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