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91XG (14-69) vs. 4-Bay w/Reflector (7 or 14-51)?

Hi GroundUrMast,

Since you own both the 91XG and a DIY 4-bay w/reflector, I would appreciate if you could share you experience with them.

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One of our on going problems here in the US is that many existing antenna designs are optimized for the pre-2009 UHF spectrum that included channels 52 to 69 (698 MHz to 806 MHz). This results in antennas that have less gain than would be possible if they were optimized to cover a narrower range of frequencies. (As I say this, I get frustrated at the FCC's decision to sell spectrum out from under the tax paying public. I long for the days when UHF antenna design needed to account for more bandwidth.)
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I too have been asking when we would see 7-51 VHF-hi/UHF or 14-51 UHF antennas since the begining of the DTV transition.
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My personal experience has been that for deep fringe applications, the combination of an XG-91 and a Y**713 is the pinnacle of consumer grade antennas. Those antennas have narrow forward beam patterns compared to panel and LPDA designs.
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... my recent purchase of a Winegard HD8800 has been disappointing. I had to run to the hardware store to replace missing machine screws which could and should have been packaged better... and had simply fallen out of the box during shipping. There is no anodizing or other coating on the aluminum parts, so corrosion will be a problem a bit sooner. (To be fair, the Antennacraft is not anodized either.) The electrical performance of the HD8800 has been significantly less than lesser antennas, including a crudely built DIY 4-bay w/reflector.
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I have to agree! I just bought HD-8800 and compared with my home-made 4-bay M4 and SBGH, it has similar performance (eg, not any better).

I'm a little disappointed, since I was hoping it would have higher gain to pull in my low-UHF channels (RF 17 to 32).

Alas, looks like I'll have to try and order a CM 3023 instead Yagi (trying to avoid 91XG since many reports says it's not good at low-UHF)... but... who knows, it may work in my situation/location...
Which of these two choices is best suited for our location?
  • M4 complete kit w/curved 1x2" welded-wire reflector (7-51 0ne-antenna solution)
  • AD 91XG + YA-1713 (7-69 stacked-antenna solution)

Thank you
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