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Originally Posted by be236 View Post
Alas, looks like I'll have to try and order a CM 3023 ... (trying to avoid 91XG since many reports says it's not good at low-UHF)
Originally Posted by tylerSC
Unfortunately, all CM antennas are now made in China ...
91XG: 11.8 dBi (~9.65 dBd) @ 470 Hz, which is not bad considering that the new DB4e is supposed to be designed for 14-51 has a "Boresight gain" of 11.68 dBi (~ 9.53 dBd) @ 470 Hz - not any better than the 91XG.

The Fracarro sigma 6 & 9HD have respectable gain:
  • Sigma 9HD provides 14 dBi (~11.85 dBd) @ 480 Hz
  • Sigma 6HD provides 13 dBi (~10.85 dBd) @ 480 Hz
and less wind-load due to their smaller size.
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