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Originally Posted by slowhike View Post
Yeah, I hate the infomercials too
What are " CLT stations"?
On the picture quality, I couldn't be more happy. Sharp as sharp can be!
And yes, I'm informing some friends already about this antenna thing
CLT means Charlotte. Glad to hear the pic is very sharp. Btw, are you getting any pixilations or dropouts now with the antenna facing SW?

As for the signal meter, most newer televisions have a built-in signal meter. They are all different and some are more useful than others. For example, one of my televisions is a 2010 Panasonic Vierra LED. This particular TV's built in signal meter measures signal strength in terms of percentages. And with this particular TV, you 'generally' need to maintain about 50 percent signal strength to maintain a clear, consistent, HD picture. Otherwise, the pixelations and dropouts can occur when atmospheric conditions change.

But keep in mind, every TV has its own type as well as the manner in which those signal meters measure signal strength. And again, some are more useful than others. Assuming you have a built-in signal meter, I would try to find the owners manual. Otherwise, maybe you could contact the manufacturer of the TV and ask them to send you the owners manual.

You don't 'have' to measure the signal strength. But sometimes it's very handy to have this information so that you have hard facts in terms of how much signal your TV is working with on any given channel. This can be especially helpful for people who are experimenting with various placements of their antenna. Keep in mind, any signal strength can (and will) fluctuate as atmospheric conditions change from day to night or with different weather conditions. But normally, if your signal strength is high enough during good atmospheric conditions, it will not drop low enough for the picture to pixilate or drop out during inclement weather or other bad conditions.
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