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"And I'm guessing from what is being said that those issues come from a lack of strong signal, right?"

Signal strength can certainly be a factor. It's perhaps the easiest factor of signal quality to understand. Other factors such as noise and various types of interference can also cause the symptoms you describe.

Often, it's assumed that simply making the signal stronger will solve reception problems. I'll gladly settle for a 'clean' weak signal as opposed to a strong but distorted signal plagued with interference. (Just as I would prefer a sip of clean water as opposed to a barrel of polluted water.)

Often, as you turn a directional antenna away from the best aim point for a given signal, you'll still have enough signal strength, but you'll begin to pick up weaker reflected 'copies' of the signal that vary in strength and phase... these signal will be more difficult to decode error free, even if you amplified them.
If the well is dry and you don't see rain on the horizon, you'll need to dig the hole deeper. (If the antenna can't get the job done, an amp won't fix it.)

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