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Thanks for posting your results. It looks like your Winegard HD 8800 is doing well.

There are a number of additional Charlotte channels, which you could receive if you turn your antenna towards the SW. If you do so, you should be able to pick up WSOC 9.1, WCCB 18.1, WJZY 46.1, WMYT on 55.1, WUNG on 58.1, and WAXN-TV on 64.7 (as well as the subchannels that come with a number of these stations). Note: you may also see WAXN on 64.1; but that is the exact same programming as 64.7. (64.7 is a translator for 64.1). I receive these channels at my home in addition to the other ones you mentioned on your list (with the exception of 16.1 WGPX).

Just know (with any placement of the antenna) that your signal strength (for any given channel) can fluctuate. If your television has a good built-in signal meter, you can view the results on your TV, as you experiment with the direction of the antenna. There is a bare minimum signal level that you want to try to maintain. Otherwise, you may sometimes notice pixilations and dropouts.

Be aware of 16.1 WGPX ION. The tower is located north of Greensboro in Reidsville, NC. And the signal level is generally weak as it heads into a lot of areas in Forsyth and Davidson Counties. I have never seen this station OTA under any circumstances, despite the fact that I can get just about all of the out of market Charlotte channels. So the fact that you can see 16.1 WGPX is great. But do know that it 'may' be very temperamental, based on weather conditions and the direction of your antenna. I also mention this because you 'may' lose this station by rotating your antenna in a different direction. So I would also suggest that you make an assessment of how important that network is to you.

If you are not too concerned about WGPX, I would say that turning your antenna to the SW (towards Charlotte) may be the optimum direction for maximizing the largest number of stations you can receive OTA. Since your home is only 23 miles (as the crow flies) from most of the Triad stations), you may be able to reliably view most of the Triad stations off the back side of your Winegard HD 8800. But the best thing to do is to experiment by placing the antenna in different directions, doing a new channel scan, and also checking your signal strengths....if you have a built-in signal meter on your TV.

Note: you posted and I edited my response later

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